Meet The Dark Awethors

Looking for some more good frights? Then check out these authors. You will find some of the best indie books from the world's best 'dark' writers.

Rocky Rochford.
  Having lived by the coast his entire life, Rochford is a water boy through and through who loves to scuba dive, wake-board and photographing animals in their underwater environment.
He is a self-proclaimed student of everyone and master of nothing, devoted to sharpening and challenging his skills of story-telling whenever possible, stories such as London Calling, Wait and Bleed and the Rise of the Elohim Chronicles, but considers his greatest achievement to be the #Awethors, his second family and a group that just keeps growing.
“We’re not indie, we’re the #Awethors, we are own scene and brand of writers.”


Patrick Elliott Patrick has been writing for years, while surviving in the corporate world. He has published four books, two novels and two collections of shorts, and has contributed to two #Awethors anthologies. When not writing he enjoys arguing with cats, telling children stories that make him promise to pay half of their therapy bills, and giving his own books to people on Santa's naughty list. He also plans on sneaking down your chimney and stealing all your really cool presents this year. He lives in Seattle because he is one of those sick people who enjoys the rain. When not writing, reading, or suffering corporate drudgery he likes to advocate for things like free speech, because if that goes his books will shortly follow.
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Matthew W Harrill
Born and raised in Bristol, England, Matthew W Harrill is an international award-winning horror author. His series, 'The ARC Chronicles' consists of Hellbounce (which has received acclaim at the Halloween Book Festival, the London Book Festival and most recently the 2015 International Book Awards), Hellborne and Hellbeast.

In addition to his mentor David Farland (The Runelords, The Courtship of Princess Leia [as Dave Wolverton]), Matt is always thankful to know the British author Juliet E McKenna, who has helped him countless times. He is a fan of fantasy, loving Robert Jordan's 'Wheel of Time' series. He also has a lot of time for the truly bizarre horror of H P Lovecraft, citing this as an influence on his work. He also cites the fictional author 'Hank Moody' as an influence.

Matthew has worked as a labourer, a barman, a cleaner, a joiners mate. In addition he has dabbled in commercial insurance and has for the past 12 years implemented share plans for Xerox.

When not working, Matthew enjoys tennis with his son, watching movies and television series such as Supernatural and Grimm, blogging and cookery

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Stewart Bint.

Stewart Bint is a novelist, magazine columnist and Public Relations writer.
His published works comprise three full-length novels, two novellas, a collection of short stories, and a compilation of his magazine columns. He is also a contributor to a number of short story anthologies.
Previous roles include radio newsreader, presenter and phone-in show host.
He lives with his wife Sue, in Leicestershire in the UK, and has two grown-up children. As a member of a local barefoot hiking group, when not writing he can often be found hiking in bare feet on woodland trails.
He is also a servant to a very charismatic budgie called Alfie.