Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Black Silk Panties- My Creepy New Erotic Horror Story.

Hello Horror Fans,

I'm very happy to announce to you the release of my latest short scare-Black Silk Panties. This story is the first which will be part of my new collection of Horror Shorts, Choice Cuts-A Bite From The Dark Realm (coming in Feb/March 2016.)


Jacob O'Halloran is a 46 year old bachelor. He's never been intimate with a woman, thanks to the fervent and twisted religious beliefs of his Mother. Even though she is long dead, his Mother still berates him from beyond the grave every time Jacob has an impure thought.
Jacob relieves his frustrations by stealing womens panties. His little 'hobby' has never caused him any problems... until he tries to steal Audrey's panties. Let's just say, Audrey isn't very happy about the attempted theft...not happy at all.

You can purchase Black Silk Panties, available on all reader platforms from my dedicated author sale 
site. Just click the link below.

As Always dear reader,
Pleasant Dreams,